What is Healthy City?

Healthy City is a culture changing architecture modeled after the internationally successful TEDx program. Through free beta licensing, you can organize an event series that catalyzes health in your community.

Example candidates include municipalities, non-profit organizations, corporations, social clubs and even individuals.

Healty City is gamified in partnership with DailyFeats. It provides a unique platform to crowd-source events. Explore innovations and share inspiration in a licensee sub-community. Apply to join the beta today.

How would you build a healthier city?

Inspire your community. Give them the tools to turn their ideas into action. Apply to join the beta for case studies and frameworks that catalyze health innovation and yield events, interaction and cultural change.

Who is behind healthy city?

Healthy City is a partnership between HealthSterling, a health and wellness organization that grew from decades of experience in individualized pharmaceuticals, and Kinertia, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization responsible for endeavors such as the TEDx Global Music Project. HealthSterling works with organizations like MIT, Lybba and Wikilife to create globally scalable architectures that accelerate health.

More information at healthsterling.com